Remarkable indonesian coffee

Indonesia is the world's 3rd biggest coffee producing countries in 2014, according to the International Coffee Organization. Indonesia's 3,200-mile archipelago with 13,000 islands, 120 active volcanoes, ample rainfall, fertile soil, and ideal temperatures have led to the existence of a variety of coffees. 

Specialty Arabica coffee is Indonesia's most popularly exported product and has gained worldwide acknowledgment. This has positioned Indonesia as the 2nd largest specialty Arabica exporter in the world, with 150,000 tons of export per year. Nearly 100 genetic varieties of Arabica coffee have been created since 1699 - some of these include Sumatera Lintong, Sumatera Koerinci, Sumatera Solok Minang, Java Preanger, Java Ijen Raung, Java Estate, Sulawesi Toraja, Papua Wamena and much more.

This website is created by Indonesian government trade development agencies in the U.S. This website dedicated for you; coffee connoisseurs, coffee lovers and anyone who enjoy a sip of coffee. It is our hope and expectation that you discover and fall in love with the beauty, the diversity, the remarkable Indonesian coffee.

Coffee is real good when you drink it. It gives you time to think. It’s a lot more than just a drink; it’s something happening. It gives you a chance to be like yourself, and have a second cup”

Gertrude Stein, American Poet