There are two main coffee growing areas in Papua. The first is the Baliem Valley, in the central highlands of the Jayawijaya region, surrounding the town of Wamena. The second is the Kamu Valley in the Nabire Region, at the eastern edge of the central highland, surrounding the town of Moanemani. Both areas lie at altitudes between 1,400 and 2,000 meters, creating ideal conditions for Arabica production.

Together, these areas currently produce about 230 tons of coffee per year. All coffee is shade grown under Calliandra, Erithrina and Albizia trees. Farmers in Papua use wet hulled processs. Chemical fertilizer pesticide and herbicide are unknown in this origin, which makes this coffee both rare and valuable.

Ever since its initial introduction, Indonesians have been attached to coffee. Drinking coffee has become a tradition and part of everyday life of Indonesian people that cannot be skipped.