Indonesia's 3,200-mile archipelago with more than 13,000 islands, 120 active volcanoes, ample rainfall, fertile soil, and ideal temperatures have led to the existence of variety of coffees. It is to no surprise that Indonesia was placed as the third largest producer of coffee in the world in 2014, according to the International Coffee Organization.

Annually, Indonesia is estimated to produce 750 thousand metric tons of coffee. Of this total, an estimated 154 thousand metric tons is required for domestic consumption. Of the exports, 25% are Arabica beans, and the rest comprised of Robusta.

Specialty Arabica Coffee is undoubtedly Indonesia's most famous gift to the world that have reached worldwide acknowledgment, establishing Indonesia position as the 2nd largest specialty Arabica exporter in the world with 150,000 tons of export per year. 

There are nearly 100 genetic varieties of Arabica Coffee since 1699 which include Sumatera Lintong, Sumatera Koerinci, Sumatera Solok Minang, Java Preanger,  Java Ijen Raung, Java Estate, Sulawesi Toraja, Papua Wamena and much more small holders coffee origins that been produced  in our 6 growth Coffee islands. Currently, Indonesia holds the sustainable development to the Arabica Coffee cultivation and will showcase its finest coffees in 2016 in Atlanta, The Athens of the South.

Thanks to an increase in modern post-harvest facilities and improved yield techniques, Indonesian growers have mastered the production of a wide range of cupping profiles, such as Giling Basah or Wet Hulled, each measured and graded to meet SCAA specialty standards and protocols. 

As coffee aficionados continue to seek innovation, sustainability and transparency, many farmer’s cooperatives and exporters of Indonesia has obtained certifications and growing sophistication to satisfy the demands of discerning buyers all over the world.

A specialty coffee adventure full of rich history and flavor awaits buyers and visitors wishing to engage with Indonesian specialty coffee growers and exporters. Come join us at the 28th Annual SCAA Event to experience the finest coffee profile of Indonesia.